Her passion for her country and her rage at those who coveted power had him in awe of her . And he could still hear the way she said his name — Neyt . === He was in the pine and scrub forest of the hill country around Meteora , Greece , the region of towering rock monoliths hundreds of feet tall , the largest of which were topped by squat monasteries . === Kommandatura , the coal - black department of the NKVD , which was the instrument of Stalin’s purges and had eliminated White Russian émigrés , Old Bolsheviks , Trotskyites , and , in twenty - eight consecutive nights in the spring of 1940 , seven thousand Polish prisoners in the Russian forest of Katyn . === The dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 brought an end to unrestricted wet work . Part of the KGB morphed into the modern SVR ; the Lubyanka cellars closed and the building now belonged to the internal service , the FSB .