Apr 02, 2017FindingJane rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
These various tales showcase a particular kind of storytelling—that of Black American folktales. Many times these were transplanted slaves who told stories to teach lessons, pass the time and poke sly fun at their masters. Some of the stories, like those of Bruh Rabbit (recognizable by those who know of Sungura or grew up with Bugs Bunny), deal with tricksters and sly con artists who got the better of those who would eat them or take advantage of them somehow. Others are tales of the supernatural, featuring a world of scary monsters lurking to destroy the unwary. The anthology is enriched by the artful works of the Dillons and also comes with the added bonus of a CD. Featuring the rich tones of James Earl Jones and Virginia Hamilton herself, the stories come alive. You haven’t heard a haunt story until Mr. Jones recites it to you. Listen with the lights turned down low for extra spookiness.