Your Soul's Gift
Your Soul's Gift The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born By Schwartz, Robert, 1962- eBook - 2012

My partner and I had read the first book, Your Soul's Plan before reading this one, and had watched some videos online of the author talking about his first book. He has a marketing background and speaks well.
This book differs from the first, in three ways. First, by deviating from just looking at "the planning of life challenges, this book looks at two topics, pets and spiritual awakening, that do not necessarily fall into the category of challenges."
"Second, this books focuses to an even greater extent on healing."
"Third, this books explores the pre-birth planning of several particularly difficult subjects, among them incest and intent is not to repulse or horrify, but rather to bring an awareness of this aspect of soul planning into the collective consciousness so we can heal the wounded parts of ourselves - the underlying issues of unworthiness, powerlessness, and rage - and in so doing bring and end to incest, rape, and other forms of violation."
We thought it was well worth the time to read this book, coming away with a better understanding, or at the very least, a different perspective of life.

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