Palace of Treason
Palace of Treason A Novel By Matthews, Jason, 1951- Book - 2015 | 1st Scribner hardcover ed

Now just past thirty, Dominika the brilliant graduate at State School Four, AKA the secret sexpionage academy Sparrow School, was tasked to turn an Iranian centrifugal isotope separation scientist into a SVR mole. Much similarity in the novel's elements as the first Red Sparrow trilogy.
*Good stuffs: foodies for Russian dishes, particularly eggplants, zingers, a complicated multinational cloak and dagger operation.
*Not so good stuffs: Too much details on eats, many cliches, unconvincing love story.

Began to skip paragraphs and sometimes pages on sex bits anchored to an unconvincing lovefest and recipes at end of chapters altogether. Don't think I missed anything significant in so doing. If I want to read an erotic novel or cook book, this ain't it.

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