Misleading but less so than most coverup productions. Assumes lone-Oswald theory. In commentary, director ridicules conspiracy "nonsense" and "mythology".

Wallows in maudlin irrelevancies, skips decisive facts.

Gives Oswald appearance of Arab terrorist. Shows public assumption of his guilt per pre-arranged announcement and media deluge. Omits footage of real Oswald's convincing denial, which had to be stopped by Ruby.

Makes Zapruder a hero, but shows only a bit of his film -- too little for full effect of head slammed back by shot from front. (Zapruder film was suppressed for years. Apparently a better film, taken by woman from across street and including the fence, was confiscated and suppressed completely.)

Shows armed Secret Service assault on hospital after failing utterly to protect JFK.

Shows LBJ's demand for body, armed theft thereof before legitimate forensic autopsy could be performed, and farcical pretense that usurper LBJ was himself in danger.

Shows lawless FBI destruction of evidence. (Can anyone doubt other evidence was altered?) Deleted scenes show FBI agent squirming with Oswald, and SS detail chief wanting not to hear of FBI-Oswald tie.

Shows government effort to get a confession from the dying Oswald, but omits LBJ's phone call to one of the doctors demanding it.

The inclusion of these embarrassments gives the film an appearance of objectivity. But it omits the decisive facts: (1) Several witnesses saw shots being fired from fence on grassy knoll, and many more heard them or felt the bullets whiz over their heads. (2) Patrolman Baker's encounter with Oswald on second floor excluded him as shooter (see detailed critique of this point in my comment to book version of PARKLAND). (3) The seven treating surgeons thought throat had entrance wound, and back of head was blown out by bullet exiting.

Film shows Oswald's mother as flaky in claiming he secretly worked for the Government, implying only cranks could think that. But in fact there was a connection. The CIA ran many expendable stringers. In his last mission, Oswald was used as a scapegoat.

In any case, PARKLAND is a dismal film, almost unwatchably tedious, with unconvincing acting and lethargic direction and editing. It maintains a mushy, soap opera atmosphere of false emotion, as heartstricken mourners smother their grief in cigarette smoke.

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