This garbage is not a fictional documentary, simply fiction. Instead of taking apart this crapfest, as other commenters have already done so competently, let's examine what the so-called news reporters and so-called journalists couldn't tell us: the family backgrounds of Ruth and Michael Paine, who rented living space and helped Oswald obtain his position with the Texas School Book Depository. Ruth Paine's sister and brother-in-law were both career CIA; Ruth was related to John Foster Dulles through his wife, Janet Avery on the Avery side, which meant she was also related to the Rockefeller family. Ruth's father, William Avery Hyde, knew George De Mohrenschildt who belonged to the Dallas Council on World Affairs, along with CIA's man in Dallas, J. Walton Moore, who had worked at the FBI office in D.C. with CIA Italy station chief, William Harvey, another former FBI man, for five years and it was through De Mohrenschildt that Ruth met the Oswalds.
Michael [Cabot, Forbes, Dudley] Paine was related to Henry Cabot Lodge, ambassador to Vietnam and about to be fired by President Kennedy and Michael worked for Walter Dornberger, former Nazi general who was brought to the USA under Operation Paper Clip by Allen Dulles. And Michael's non-blood-related aunt, his mother's best friend, was the mistress to Allen Dulles!
If all those so-called newsies couldn't tell us the basics, can you begin to imagine what else they couldn't tell us?
[Example from the Warren Commission Report {so-called witness, a waitress, Helen Louise Markham, giving a so-called positive ID on Oswald as the murderer of Officer Tippit}:
W.C.: So you walked into the room and viewed the lineup. Did you recognize the murderer?
Helen Markham: No, I didn't see him.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, we have a positive ID!!!!! The other witnesses excluded described two older males fleeing the scene, one described sounded exactly like Jack Ruby, and they were running in the direction of Ruby's apartment, situated two blocks away. And who worked in the afternoon and evenings in that theater? Officer Tippit, after he got off his police shift - - which was why Oswald was there waiting for him, his police contact!]

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