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The quiet life of devoted couple Red and Mandy takes a dark and bizarre turn when a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader seek to possess Mandy, body and soul. A shocking assault on the innocent pair leads to a spiraling, surreal, bloody rampage of all out, mind-altering vengeance.


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Nov 11, 2020

If you ever wanted to know what watching a graphic novel-ish grindhouse movie was like while seriously tripping on LSD....You're in luck. And you don't even have to visit that shady dealer in the alley to do it. This one has it all. Demons on motorcycles. Demented religious sex cults. Cocaine. Battle axes. Immolation. Blood. Strobe lights. An abnormally loud music score. And, of course, Nicolas Cage making weird faces. I'll admit, the first half was a bit slow and I was starting to nod off, but when that revenge kicks in....Watch out. This is truly one of a kind.

Oct 30, 2020

Quite possibly the worst film I have ever had to fast forward through. It has the look and feel of a B-movie from the 70s, yet somehow people in 2017/18 read the script and thought this would be a great idea to produce.

Apr 24, 2020

A visually stunning film but the pretentious, unnecessary monologues bogged everything down. Still, it's worth checking out at least for a classic unhinged performance by Nicolas Cage.

Feb 23, 2020

I've seen this movie twice. I still can't believe what I saw. Should I watch it again?...

Dec 03, 2019

Quick question: Do you like chainsaw fights? I thought so. Ignore the bad reviews, and the fact that Nicolas Cage is in it (He's actually good here.), and then buckle your motherforking seatbelts for one of the most insane movies of a recent years. It's a psychedelic action movie with cults, chainsaws, motorcycles, and oh so much blood. Great score by Icelandic musician Johann Johannsson, who died shortly after.

Oct 23, 2019

This movie is a total garbage, really. Waisted time of watching. Acting terrible. Surprised that Cage took the role, maybe he needed some cash. Elijah Wood (FRODO) was producing, didn’t know that he fell so law too.
Rating: Not even 1/2⭐️! Skip it.

xlushpuppy Sep 27, 2019

I thought Nicholas Cage's career bottomed out with "The Wicker Man", apparently I was wrong. This is movie tries to be 'artsy" with lots of fancy filters and loud music, but as the saying goes "You polish Sh*t". Acting by everyone is terrible; story is forgettable, but some nice scenery though.
p.s. (I know mythbusters proved you could)

Sep 18, 2019

If Nicolas Cage isn't the king of good B movies or solid independent movies then I don't know who is. Cage takes you on a revenge filled Alice in Hell journey down the rabbit hole for the sadistic murder of his girlfriend. Through his journey Cage encounters drug crazed bikers and a murderous band of religious freaks. Cage uses a crazy self-made monster ax to help exact his revenge and, boy, does he know how to use it. Movie is a bit of a wreck but you can't take your eyes of it.

Aug 12, 2019

Nothing mind altering amazing, but cool artsy horror flick. This feels like the best Nicholas Cage (Red) since starring in Raising Arizona. He’s simple, raw and driven in his quest for vendetta. This hits all the notes of a revenge movie with hyperbolic zest. How messed up would any one be after those experiences? Andrea Risenborough (Mandy) was under-used and squandered I feel; she could have elevated the movie to greatness with better writing/plot enhancements. Linus Roache (Sand) is a decent villain and puts on a nice flavour as a used up cult leader. It would have been better with more connecting scenes and embracing more supernatural elements, but what ya gonna do, it’s kinda indie and probably on a budget (6 million). THAT LAST FIGHT SCENE! I didn’t even know I wanted that in my life and it did not disappoint. And that soundtrack, just growling, so don’t pet it. Rated 3.5 stars for performance, originality, and ambiance.
UPDATE: 2/3/2020 Watched this again on blu-ray after seeing ‘Color Out of Space’ and it‘s my conclusion that the genre of psychedelic horror is Nicholas Cage’s wheel-house. My appreciation of the cinematography has also increased since my last viewing. A shame more people may not appreciate this.

Aug 11, 2019

I suppose this might one day be seen as the Eraserhead of horror movies (a cult following, loathed by others) but, if so, you would have to put me in the "absolutely loathed it" sector. Total amateurish tripe, but not weird enough to be good. What on earth was Andrea Riseborough thinking when she signed the contract?

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Nov 07, 2018

Jupiter. ... Well, because the surface of its atmosphere is a storm that's been raging for, like, 1,000 years, and the eye of the hurricane is so huge
that it could just swallow the whole Earth. Yeah. That's... That's my favorite planet.
Saturn's pretty cool, and that was one of the first ones that we discovered,
that humans discovered, so there's, like, a lot of cool ancient myths about it and stuff.
"Under the crimson, primordial sky... surrounded by the jagged rocks of the ancient volcanic mountain, the wretched Warlock reached into the dark embrace of the fissure until his hand touched a smooth glassy surface. Cold as ice. His fist closed around The Serpent's Eye. Slowly he withdrew it and held it before him in the fading light of the blood-red suns. It glowed from within. A ghostly emerald light. Strange and eternal."

Nov 07, 2018

on screen fuzzy text at start of film:
When I die//Bury me deep// Lay two speakers at my feet// Wrap some headphones//Around my head//And rock and roll me//When I'm dead
I'm going hunting.
-If you're gonna go hunting, I got some other shit you might need.
I was hoping you'd say that.
-One to the right. Made it myself. It cut through bone like a fat kid through cake.
You know what Jesus' big mistake was? Huh? He didn't offer up a sacrifice in his stead. The cruciform is a constant reminder of that.
I've been blessed to know the comfort of many women. But there are few
that have had your radiance.
You know, all he wants is for his children to love one another. Now, I find that he allows me to express that love in many ways, but one of those ways... is music.

Nov 07, 2018

There's stories that there was a chapter than ran courier for a manufacturer of LSD. Took a disliking to them and cooked them up a special batch, and they have never been right in the head since. I seen them once from a distance. What you're hunting is rabid animals, and you should go in knowing that your odds ain't that good, and you will probably die.
You're just meat. Without a soul. Without a brain. Without anything. Animal.
You... You have no spirit everlasting. No... No radiant light. I possess hallucinations you will never know.
-The psychotic drones. Where the mystic swims. You're drowning. I'm swimming. You unholy abomination. You aren't even worth my spit.
It's all that hate in your heart. That's to blame. Follows you everywhere, man.
She... She burned brightly, Mandy. Don't you think? Still, better to burn out
than fade...
You're a vicious snowflake.

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jakkdaman Jan 26, 2019

jakkdaman thinks this title is suitable for 16 years and over


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