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Jun 18, 2021

Wow, did this movie bring back some old memories. When it happened I was attending UPS in Tacoma and had been to Cheney Stadium in Sept of 63 to listen to Kennedy speak. Then in November he was killed by Oswald. Today there are still many theorist that feel that feel there was more than Oswald involved in this murder.
Does this movie put those thoughts to bed, not really other than his brother did not think much of Oswald's capabilities and his mom was a bit off balance like her son Harvey. We liked the movie and recommend it to others.

Apr 01, 2021

Wow. Lot's of interesting comments below. I liked it.

Oct 18, 2018

what a farce. lies, lies, lies. to call this 'fake news' is merely to inflate its value. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! So injest this shit, instead. why do people come up to me and drop Hanks' name? Because he grew up in El Cerrito? No, it is because he and the likes of Ken Burns are what pass for oracles of truth in this benighted age. I, at least, will resist the tendency to live the lies about what happened November 22, 1963 to this once wonderful country......or to tell lies about what actually occurred: everyone involved with this project should be ashamed of themselves, just as the phony biographies of j.edgar hoover, and the sick retelling of what happened to jfk's brother, bobby, in 1968---all those participants in the perpetuation of the Big Lie, should likewise be ashamed. spend it well, for after you pass from this life, don't expect to go to Heaven. You blew it.// I once wrote a comment on a biography of Beatle Paul at the Bothell branch. The comment remained but it never made it to the RECENTLY REVIEWED section of the catalog. IT people asked my permission to enter my account; this was denied. that's where the issue was left, until today, when I wrote the scathing sentences above about the PARKLAND film, put out by Tom Hanks. I did that at Bothell branch. I currently type at Bellevue, where I discovered the item was pulled from the RECENTLY REVIEWED list, where I had discovered it, at Bothell. Yet, my comments remain, accessible below the item. Isn't that nice. Well, the librarian who wrote this film was a 'true' account of the events of that day in Dallas, might have taken humbrage. I believe you can still read that blurb, directly below the title and image of the film box. Some people might like to think of librarians as truth-tellers. // Don't worry: I am not trying to connect Sir Paul with what happened to President Kennedy. That is not the "coincidence" or similarity I am exploring here. It bothers me that our country is continually being fed lies about what occurred to our lovely president. In truth, there are many such happenings that have occurred in this country in the 20th century alone.// What is it, who is it about the bothell branch that made both items untenable (once sullied by my heathen opinions?) You understand I jest......the last half of that sentence. Paul had Irish blood, JFK more obviously so, could there be a prejudice of that kind? For that matter, so have i.

Oct 17, 2018

I think the depiction of what transpired at Parkland Memorial Hospital was shown but only superficially. From what I previously read of that day, I anticipated seeing more hysteria and disbelief from the crowds, which wasn't shown at all; to the astonishment of the doctors & nurses that treated President Kennedy, which lacked a lot. The Secret Service came across as being inept at doing their job to being totally devoted to President Kennedy, even in death.

The innuendo that Oswald was being used or set up played a very minor part of the movie. At the time I watched the movie, I didn't know if the depiction of his mother, bother and his family was accurate. Lee Harvey Oswald's family was never mentioned. After I watched the movie, I did some research and from all accounts the family was accurately depicted.

Oct 14, 2016

A bunch of very good actors...with their talents totally wasted on this film. Boring, uninspired... Great potential with the cast, but, fell way short....... Don't bother with this one !!

Jul 21, 2016

July 20 2016.....I didn't like this, in fact I fell asleep during the middle. Interesting comments below! I won't recommend this film to my friends.....!

Gary Geiserman
Aug 12, 2015

Interesting audio/video to talk about. I could say that as a piece of film-making it is very well done. And to keep an eye on Peter Landesman’s other work. While all that is true, here in an audio/video reality
‘making’ is not what it once might have been… >>>>> I’ve heard vr is coming back; why was it detained some capitalist where? >>><< Landesman is straight and a grassy knoll denier. How does this effect a cinema verte? (feels very off-putting knowing this propaganda roams the media range—of course, media and everything else is an illusion I don’t want to make too real for myself). >>>>> Very good video work, very exciting, nice guerrilla process, excellent editing. It’s propaganda. Leni what’s her name. So rare to get propaganda done by an artist. BETTER WATCH OUT! JEEZ…. Great subtle work catching nuances etc. IS EVERY SECOND OF FOOTAGE A LIE? Or are the lies juxtaposed and even bigger than the film entire (you know, gestalt and synergy). Or are the lies merely strewn throughout like ads in a podcast? >>>><< Little moron propaganda Republican Christian-fascist-style not. >><<>> I’m afraid of myself having watched this film. >>>> Is it so long after ’63 that it is open season for lying to youth? I saw a “Nova” recently on PBS (funded partly by the Koch Bros) totally debunking arguments saying Oswald couldn’t have fired 3 great shots. Posner had a book a ways back. ><><> Hey, I’d know if I killed myself who did it. At least.

May 29, 2015

Parkland is a historical drama that will resurrect memories of the awful weekend of 22 November 1963 for those who were alive then. It was just after lunch. I was in fifth grade. We were having an English lesson. Suddenly the principal came to the classroom to announce that President Kennedy had been shot in Texas. (My school had no intercom.) I recall a classmate speculating that the President was supposed to go hunting that weekend with the vice president and that he may have been shot on the hunting trip. Already the conspiracy theories were circulating! A few minutes later the principal returned to say that the president was dead. We had no call for a moment of silence or prayer. School continued pretty much as usual. I remember my mother picking me up at school that day because she was off work. She drove me home. I turned on the TV and as I watched the news began to cry. Two days later (Sunday morning) I was on the back porch steps cracking rocks with a hammer when my mother came to the door and said "Oswald's been shot." I rushed into the house and there it was on live TV, Oswald's death replayed over and over.

It's no surprise then that the historical drama Parkland held me spellbound. It captured the horror, anger, sadness and confusion of the events in Dallas in a way that kept my attention and brought back these and other memories of that weekend. I was particularly impressed by the performance of Billy Bob Thornton as a Secret Service agent and Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder, the man who filmed the assassination.

Apr 28, 2015

Good movie. The chaos and disbelief of the events is well shown. Robert Oswald's confusion by his brother's actions and his stoic helpfulness to his mother (who seems crazy to me) and the wife and children left behind is to be admired. Showing the events from the doctors and nurses perspective was well done. I would recommend this movie.

Nov 24, 2014

Misleading but less so than most coverup productions. Assumes lone-Oswald theory. In commentary, director ridicules conspiracy "nonsense" and "mythology".

Wallows in maudlin irrelevancies, skips decisive facts.

Gives Oswald appearance of Arab terrorist. Shows public assumption of his guilt per pre-arranged announcement and media deluge. Omits footage of real Oswald's convincing denial, which had to be stopped by Ruby.

Makes Zapruder a hero, but shows only a bit of his film -- too little for full effect of head slammed back by shot from front. (Zapruder film was suppressed for years. Apparently a better film, taken by woman from across street and including the fence, was confiscated and suppressed completely.)

Shows armed Secret Service assault on hospital after failing utterly to protect JFK.

Shows LBJ's demand for body, armed theft thereof before legitimate forensic autopsy could be performed, and farcical pretense that usurper LBJ was himself in danger.

Shows lawless FBI destruction of evidence. (Can anyone doubt other evidence was altered?) Deleted scenes show FBI agent squirming with Oswald, and SS detail chief wanting not to hear of FBI-Oswald tie.

Shows government effort to get a confession from the dying Oswald, but omits LBJ's phone call to one of the doctors demanding it.

The inclusion of these embarrassments gives the film an appearance of objectivity. But it omits the decisive facts: (1) Several witnesses saw shots being fired from fence on grassy knoll, and many more heard them or felt the bullets whiz over their heads. (2) Patrolman Baker's encounter with Oswald on second floor excluded him as shooter (see detailed critique of this point in my comment to book version of PARKLAND). (3) The seven treating surgeons thought throat had entrance wound, and back of head was blown out by bullet exiting.

Film shows Oswald's mother as flaky in claiming he secretly worked for the Government, implying only cranks could think that. But in fact there was a connection. The CIA ran many expendable stringers. In his last mission, Oswald was used as a scapegoat.

In any case, PARKLAND is a dismal film, almost unwatchably tedious, with unconvincing acting and lethargic direction and editing. It maintains a mushy, soap opera atmosphere of false emotion, as heartstricken mourners smother their grief in cigarette smoke.

Oct 30, 2014

This garbage is not a fictional documentary, simply fiction. Instead of taking apart this crapfest, as other commenters have already done so competently, let's examine what the so-called news reporters and so-called journalists couldn't tell us: the family backgrounds of Ruth and Michael Paine, who rented living space and helped Oswald obtain his position with the Texas School Book Depository. Ruth Paine's sister and brother-in-law were both career CIA; Ruth was related to John Foster Dulles through his wife, Janet Avery on the Avery side, which meant she was also related to the Rockefeller family. Ruth's father, William Avery Hyde, knew George De Mohrenschildt who belonged to the Dallas Council on World Affairs, along with CIA's man in Dallas, J. Walton Moore, who had worked at the FBI office in D.C. with CIA Italy station chief, William Harvey, another former FBI man, for five years and it was through De Mohrenschildt that Ruth met the Oswalds.
Michael [Cabot, Forbes, Dudley] Paine was related to Henry Cabot Lodge, ambassador to Vietnam and about to be fired by President Kennedy and Michael worked for Walter Dornberger, former Nazi general who was brought to the USA under Operation Paper Clip by Allen Dulles. And Michael's non-blood-related aunt, his mother's best friend, was the mistress to Allen Dulles!
If all those so-called newsies couldn't tell us the basics, can you begin to imagine what else they couldn't tell us?
[Example from the Warren Commission Report {so-called witness, a waitress, Helen Louise Markham, giving a so-called positive ID on Oswald as the murderer of Officer Tippit}:
W.C.: So you walked into the room and viewed the lineup. Did you recognize the murderer?
Helen Markham: No, I didn't see him.
And thus, ladies and gentlemen, we have a positive ID!!!!! The other witnesses excluded described two older males fleeing the scene, one described sounded exactly like Jack Ruby, and they were running in the direction of Ruby's apartment, situated two blocks away. And who worked in the afternoon and evenings in that theater? Officer Tippit, after he got off his police shift - - which was why Oswald was there waiting for him, his police contact!]

Sep 08, 2014

This film is best appreciated by those who are already familiar with the events of that day. If you are not, I can see how it might seem chaotic and confusing. When you think about it, that is how it must have seemed to those living out the events of that day so, overall, a good film.

Aug 14, 2014

Some good moments, but overall confusing and not very entertaining or illuminating.

Jul 14, 2014

Parkland is a well made film that reveals various truths surrounding the tragic but obscured reality regarding the assassination of JFK. The actors performances are heartfelt and credible. I think that this is an important film for the thinking person to watch, especially for the baby boomers. The bitter irony is that the Presidents that have followed JFK are ridiculous in comparison to him, yet he was murdered in a backwards craphole called Dallas Texas.

May 05, 2014

Another movie about the Kennedy Assassination except focused on the chaos immediately post the kill shot and the lives of a shop owner who captured the event with a handheld Bell and Howell movie camera, those Secret Service and FBI agents present, the Oswald's immediate family (brother and mother), and the doctors and nurses who happened to be on duty when Kennedy was driven to Parkland Hospital.

May 04, 2014

An excellent remake of the events that occurred in Dallas. Great actors, great acting, a pleasure to watch! Definitely made me want to learn more about JFK the events that occurred that day.

Atticus14 Apr 10, 2014

I enjoyed the film though I don't believe that Oswald was the lone gunman. I did enjoy seeing it from a different perspective such as the doctors and the nurses.

Rangatira Mar 24, 2014

recommended by Sue

d2013 Jan 17, 2014

Pretty tense beginning but still an OK movie. Good casting!

Jan 12, 2014

Underwhelming; ordinary; forgettable. It felt like a made for TV movie.

Jan 12, 2014

This movie was interesting, but just okay. I did like the fact that it focused on people that history has sort of forgotten about - like Oswald's brother. The updates at the end of the film were good.

natalia_mantini Dec 20, 2013

a very far from the truth depiction of the facts. nice movie, good acting, but it's just a movie, not even close to the real facts. please dont mistake with a documentary!

jpozenel Dec 14, 2013

Pretty mediocre drama that many will mistake for being a documentary. Some people will probably think that all the dialog in the screenplay is historically accurate without thinking that it couldn't possibly be. Considering that it's the 50th anniversary of the assassination, this just seems like an opportunity for Hollywood to squeeze a little more money out of this tragedy.

THUD55 Dec 04, 2013

I was shaken by this movie right from the start. I learned about characters that were there and more closely effected by this tragedy. it was well acted by the cast. I learned things about the event and people that I did not know. it was fascinating even though everyone knows the general story (just like the movie, Titanic; we all know the ship went down). I would highly recommend this film.

tazz3 Nov 11, 2013

A behind the scenes look as to
what went on that November day

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